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KeySmart ProKeySmart Pro – Never Lose Your Keys Again!

Let’s play a game. It’s called How Much Time have You Wasted. Here’s how you play: You think about every time you’ve lost your keys and estimate how long it took you to find them. Then, you add all that time together. That’s how much time you’ve wasted! Did you know there’s a device that can practically find your keys for you? It’s called Key Smart Pro. It’s a lot of devices rolled into one, and we’ll talk about that more later, but the basic idea is that it’s an easy and convenient way to organize and find your keys. No more searching behind pillows and under couches for your lost keys. With the touch of a button, you could know exactly where they are.

Key Smart Pro with Tile is one of those devices that, when you learn it exists, you wonder why it took people this long to come up with it. We’ve been losing keys since there have been locked doors. Using advances in technology, Key Smart Pro wants to make sure you never lose your keys again. It’s not just for finding keys either. This compact little device has a bunch of uses. In our Key Smart Pro review, we’ll tell you how this gadget works, how much it costs, and even more! If you’d like that additional info, keep reading. If you’re ready to order Key Smart Pro right now, just click any of the links on this page to get one now! What are you waiting for? Are you looking for your keys?

Key Smart Pro Accessories

How Does Key Smart Pro Work?

It’s a small, long device, no bigger than a medium-sized Swiss Army Knife. Using a standard flathead screwdriver, you open the Key Smart Pro and put your keys (up to ten) inside then close it. In the case of car keys that are too thick to fit inside the device, they can be easily clipped onto the end. Your keys should already be more organized than they were on a key ring. Using the free Tile App, you connect the device to your smart phone, and you can track your keys via GPS, and you can even make them make a noise with the push of a button from your phone. Easy. Found.

Key Smart Pro Features

  • Tile App Compatibility
  • Rechargeable (micro USB)
  • LED Flashlight
  • Bottle Opener
  • Loop Ring For Car Keys
  • Alexa and Google Assistant Compatibility

Key Smart Pro – Finding Your Phone Too

Maybe you don’t lose your keys very often, but you’re constantly losing your phone. Guess what, with this device, you can find your phone using your keys. There’s a Tile button on the Key Smart Pro. Remember how it’s connected to your smart phone? With just a push of that button, your phone will make a tone even if it’s on silent! You may never lose your phone either if you order one of these. If you’re feeling bad about how much stuff you’re losing, read this article. It’ll put things into perspective for you… it’s also kind of depressing.

Key Smart Pro Price

Normally, these retail for $59.99, but using the links on this page, you can get some special deals. If you order two Key Smart Pros, you get a third free! The total cost for that deal is $119.98. If you order three of them, you get the best value because you get two extras completely free, and the total cost comes to $179.97. Shipping is included for all orders of the Key Smart Pro. If you know people that are constantly losing their stuff, these make great and unexpected gifts. Plus you won’t have to wait for them to find their phone and miss the previews next time you go to a movie.

Key Smart Pro Battery Life

We mentioned that this device is rechargeable via a micro USB cord. It holds a heck of charge too. According to the Key Smart Pro official website, this device can hold its charge for up to forty-five days! You lose you keys all the time, so we’re going to assume you’re a bit forgetful. Well, you’ve got forty-five days to remember to plug this little guy in. Let’s say you went on vacation, so you left your office keys at home. You wouldn’t need ‘em right. You have a great vacation, but when you get home, you can’t find those pesky office keys. Guess what? Forty-five day charge. You’re fine. Just push the button on your phone, and you’ll hear where they are.

Key Smart Pro Accessories

If this device doesn’t do enough for you, there’s more! While they don’t come standard, you can order a number of accessories for it:

  1. 16 GB USB 3.0 Drive ($25/ea)
  2. Pocket Clip ($4.98/ea)
  3. Quick Disconnect Clip For Easy Access ($4.49/ea)
  4. Screwdriver ($12.49/ea)

For accessories, only orders over $25 will include free shipping.

Key Smart Pro Summary

If you’re sick of wasting time looking for your keys or your phone, consider adding the Key Smart Pro to your life. It’s small, convenient, useful, and it might just save you a ton of time. Check out the Key Smart Pro colors as well! It comes in black, white, and red so you can personalize yours! We never mentioned this, but do your keys ever poke you while they’re in your pocket? This device puts a prompt stop to that. If this sounds like it could make your life easier, click any of the links on this page to order Key Smart Pro today!

If you know someone who might benefit from this device, don’t hesitate to send them this page using the social buttons at the top! Thanks for reading!

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